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We are just at the start of the winter sport season for Prairie Schools, and looking forward to all games/matches regardless of the level ages.  
The Prairie Booster Club would like to review the past few months on events and support from the local members and some volunteers that will become members of the Club.
Our fall season began with the Potato Bar that the Idaho County Fair and Watermelon Bowl football game the same weekend, and the number of home football games thereafter. 
September was our Booster Club Sponsored golf tournament, proceeds were dedicated to purchase the high school track record board that will be placed in the entry of the high school gym soon, and balance of the funds went to the uniform fund for the school.
The Middle School received a donation from the PBC for the Teen Living Class as well as a sponsorship award for the Living Voices assembly at this school.
The Center for Discovery was able to purchase beanbag chairs and a new DVD player for the after school program from funds from the Booster Club.
The Dan Kaschmitter Memorial fund through the Booster Club sponsored a high school team for the night shoot at the Gun Club.
All these events listed above and those that will come in 2008 would not be possible if not for our membership dues, fundraising and volunteers.  Countless hours of behind the “scenes” of helping hands and willingness to participate for the cause of the three schools are very valuable, and the Officers of the Prairie Booster Club would like to THANK ALL.
We do have a new item should you be interested contact Loretta Riener, a decal for your vehicle window of any of the sports through the schools, let it be wrestling, baseball, softball, rodeo, cheerleading, basketball that can be customized, we have one that is a basketball, with “Big John Kaschmitter”!  These decals are $4.00.
Lastly, if you would like to become a member of the Prairie Booster Club it is never too late, the dues are $20 for a single, and $25.00 per family.  Please contact Chris Kaschmitter soon, as a list of the membership will be published in the District Basketball programs this year.  Thank you again for your support to this 20-year-old Prairie Booster Club, we would not be a group with out the members and volunteers.  Happy Holidays, Chris. 

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