Perfect attendance at PMS
There were 46 students at Prairie Middle School who had perfect attendance for the first quarter.
They were Haley Angus, Kyle Bower, Mckenzie Candalot, Jarett Frei, Nick Hartnett, Robert Nau, Colter Renne’, MaKayla Schaeffer, Amanda Stinson, Kyle Uhlenkott and Casandra Weightman in the 8th grade; Logan Dahlen, Amanda Dinning, Kayla Frei, Nichole Gallagher, Matthew Jungert, Andrea Kaschmitter, Tyler Latimer, Levi Lustig, Damian McWilliams, Kendall Schumacher, Claire Whitley and Tyler Workman in the 7th grade. Dylon Bruegeman, Rebekah Bruner, Clark Bruno, Casey Danly, Luke Enneking, Apolonio Enriquez, Marissa Evans, Brandi Gehring, Tyler Hankerson, Jared Higgins, Leah Holthaus, Lydia Lustig, Hailey Shumway and Daniella Wilde in the 6th grade and Beth Anne Dinning, Dallas Frei, Sydney Glimp, Alex Hartnett, Bryson Higgins, Emily McHugh, Whitney Sonnen, Peter Spencer and Holli Uhlorn in the 5th grade.

Sticks and Stones . . .
On a complete whim of their teacher’s, the writing lab classes did a research project on alternative building materials, such as papercrete, bamboo, adobe, and cordwood, and stone masonry. They answered questions such as “How are they better for the environment?”  and “How expensive are they compared to lumber?” and “What goes into making or harvesting these materials?” and “What are the advantages and disadvantages of these materials?”  Once they’d written their papers, they made lists of their materials, and thus started the scavenger hunt. From Home Depot, to the dumpster, to the art room, and the kitchen, they scrounged up the needed materials to make small model “homes” out of these alternative building materials. Essentially, they got to play with mud, clay, stones and sticks, and the results of their efforts are on display in Room 111. All good things must come to an end, though, so now they are moving onto their next writing project, which probably won’t be nearly as much fun! A side note: A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Lundmark for her patience and the use of some of her supplies. 

Author Visits Reading Class
Part of the reading class curriculum is a daily “ read aloud”, and the class recently finished the book Snowbound, a true story about a hunting party that left Kendrick, trekked up over the mountains by Weippe, got stranded on the Lochsa, and ultimately left one of their hunting party members to die alone in the wilderness. The author of the book, Mr. Ladd Hamilton, lives in Lewiston, and visited the class on Wednesday, November 14, to talk about his book. He gave some background information, and then fielded questions from the class members. His experiences, and enthusiasm for telling stories was interesting for the students to experience first hand; they recently started his second book, and plan a field trip to Lewiston to visit the landmarks mentioned in the book.  

Wages of War
By Laura Gehring
For about one month the English III classes have been learning about the different aspects of war by going through 9/11, World War II, and the Vietnam War.  They took the approach of looking at the social effects of war instead of the famous political parts of a war.  The class read Last Man Down, “Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy,” Soldier Boys, and “A Noiseless Flash”.  They also watched a 9/11 documentary and We Were Soldiers to put an image to all the reading.  To end the whole project, Mrs. Remacle had the class write an essay with one central word that summarized their views on war.  They had to find supporting words to support the essay and find passages in the novel, movie, and short stories to have examples to support their views.  After the essay was written they had to pull out their creativity by making a poster with the essay, examples, and pictures.  By doing the project, it gave students a new outlook on war by learning about other aspects of war and the effects that can make anyone think twice about war.

Raffle winners are named
The Prairie High School junior class drew the names for the basket raffle drawing at the half-time of the boys’ home basketball game against Lapwai last Friday.  The winners are listed below.
1. “Out of the Frying Pan”: Leora Laurino
2. “Serenity”: Beth Forsmann
3. “Toss It Up”: Sheri Daly
4. “Iron Chef”: Julie Schumacher
5. “Thrill of the Grill”: Mike Vanderpas
6. “A Date with Tom Hanks: Vicki Shears
7. “Mama Mia”: Rick Workman
8. “Oh, Baby”: Vicki Shears
9. “Holiday Cheer”: Naomi Laurino
10. “Dusty Trails”: Kyle Uhlenkott
11. “Just for Fun”: Jake Bruner
12. “Knights in Shining Armor”: Julie Arnzen
13. “Pizzeria”: Janet Richardson
14. “Pizzeria”: Homer and Susie
15. “Let’s Get Organized”: Donna Tanner
16. “Handy Man”: Chance Ratcliff
17. “Home Sweet Home”: Phyless Pottala
18. “It’s in Your Cup”: Ambrose Schumacher
19. “Kiddy Time:” Misty Johnson
20. “1, 2, 3 Action”: Sue Schumacher
Congratulations to all of the winners, and we hope you enjoy all of the treats that were designed just for you.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting the school, especially the Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union and US Bank for keeping tickets at their businesses and helping us sell them.  We would also like to thank the following people and businesses for their donations:  Pollyanna Candelot for the massage, Terri Duman for the manicure, and Colleen Sonnen for the extras that she added to the baskets.  We could not have done all of this without your help. Thank you for supporting our school. 

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