Notes from Pat
Another year has come and almost gone as we celebrate Christmas 2007.  That means I have been in Cottonwood since August 25, 1975, over 32 years of putting out a newspaper each week.
Greg, Steve, grandsons Mike and Chris and I would like to wish everyone a very special Christmas and a most happy New Year.  May the sunshine on your parade. 
Tuesday afternoon I will spend at the Elementary School taking pictures of each class as they sing Christmas songs.  It is always fun to see the fashions of the boys and girls.  By the time of the performance some of the shirttails are out and some of the fancy hairdos have suffered a little.  But they all try to hard to do their best.
We have had some snow and more is expected.  Maybe the ski course will have a better year this year.
I understand that the Christmas Parade went well Sunday evening with the Potato bake that followed at the community hall as a fundraiser by the cheer and dance squad and the boys basketball team.
Merry Christmas and may all your problems be small ones. 

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