More 52-Pickup winners named
Here's the results of the drawing for the KC 52 Pickup winners from the December 2007 meeting of KC #1389.  The winners are as follows:
Week               Winner                 Amount
35               Maurice Seubert         $50.00
36               Virgil Wassmuth        $200.00
37               John L Seubert            $50.00
38               Leah Kaschmitter        $50.00
39               Don Hoene                 $50.00
40               Percy Roper               $50.00
41               Mike Schumacher       $50.00
42               Cleo Forsmann         $200.00
Congratulations to the winners.  You should have received your winnings by now.  
Thank you for supporting the Knights of Columbus and our charitable projects.  Remember we only sell 300 tickets and there are 53 winners.  There are only 10 drawings left for 2007 to include the grand prize winner for $500.  It's not late to join the fun as we have some tickets available.  Please contact any KC member or Greg Sonnen, Jim Remacle, or Max Nuxoll  for your tickets.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to win the grand prize and buy your tickets now.  Be prepared for our 2008 drawing.  We are in the process of getting ready for 2008.
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