SMHC to host 'Healthy Me' sessions
St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics is sponsoring a series of three ‘Healthy Me’ educational sessions for people who made a New Year’s resolution to live a more healthy life.  The hour long sessions will be held Monday through Wednesday, January 14 to 16th from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the Cottonwood Medical Clinic reception area.  They are free and open to the public.SMHC is presenting three educational sessions for the New Year.  The “Healthy Me’ classes will be held on January 14-16th.  Don Murphy, Physical Therapist, will be one of the presenters.
“Most of us make a New Year’s resolution or two that relate to losing weight, eating right and exercising regularly to improve or maintain our health,” said Becky Ewing, SMH RN.  “One good way to act on those resolutions is to learn more about nutrition and exercise.  Many of us think we know enough already, but each year there are new studies that update our knowledge about taking care of ourselves.  Our three sessions are a good start to help put people on the right track to better health.”
The first session will be held Monday, January 14th.  Ewing will be the presenter.  She will focus on good nutrition with information on different food groups, making healthy eating choices and meal planning.  Ewing will also talk about how our eating habits can impact our short and long term health, including those foods that put people at risk for long term health problems including diabetes, coronary artery disease, and several types of cancer.
The second session on Tuesday, January 15 will cover the role of exercise in improving health.  The presenter, Don Murphy, SMHC Physical Therapist, will discuss how to best include exercise in your daily life, how much is necessary and describe exercising for different phases of life. 
Ewing will present the third wrap up session on Wednesday, January 16th.   The final forum will feature information on grocery shopping to promote better nutrition, reading food labels and goal setting for the short term and for the long run.
 “We hope people will call with their name and phone number so we’ll know how many to plan for, but if people forget to register we hope they’ll still plan on attending.  Although we hope people will come to each of the three nights, if their schedule means they can only come to one or two, they certainly are encouraged to attend,” said Ewing.  Registration is encouraged by calling SMH, 962-3251.  

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