More pics of students building Christmas toys
In this photo are Garrett Workman, DJ Walker and Silas Whitley with their toys tanks.
This photo shows Sheri Schumacher, Kayla Johnson and Haleigh Schmidt with their Doll houses.
Pictured are Meaghan Bruner, Lauren Beshears and Sheldon Klinkefus with their tug boats.
JC Enriquez, Kendra Ross, Kyle Bruegeman and Ethan Tassell building airplanes.
Ryan Dalgliesh, Shawna Kaschmitter and Kendra Dining building a crane.
Justina Zigler, Kris Banning, Michael Matson, and Andy Groom with sleighs and horseshoe picture frames.  Randy and Zara Hasselstrom donated the horseshoes for the picture frames and coat racks.  The metal for the sleighs was donated by Hometown Auto.
This photo shows Michael Karel and Mitch Jungert building their truck and trailer hauling cars.
Lindsey Heitman making jewelry boxes.  Not pictured is Katie Lowe

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