Two score perfect 25's
With an overcast sky and windy weather, 50 members of the Cottonwood Gun Club turned out to shoot.  High scores for week 5 were Scott Jungert and Pepper Harman with 25ís and Lowell Mader, Bob Lustig, Butch Spencer, and Shaun Riener with 24ís.  This week the juniors posted a 63 with Brandon Poxleitner-22, Samantha Spencer-21, and Mitch Jungert-20. 
Top scores are as follows: AA Class- Scott Jungert 25 and Lowell Mader 24; A Class- Andy Terhaar, John Kaschmitter, Rod Behler, and Scott James all with 23ís; B Class- Pepper Harman 25, Bob Lustig, Butch Spencer, Shaun Riener all 24ís; C Class- Paul Gilmore 23, and Denis Duman 21; D Class- Brandon Poxleitner 22, Samantha Spencer, Susan Schaeffer and Nate Gentry with 21ís.  New shooter Adult- Jesse Bruegeman 19; New shooters Junior- Jake Rowland 17. 
Top Lady shooters were Samantha Spencer and Susan Schaeffer with 21ís; Short Hdcp- Shaun Riener and Andy Terhaar with 23ís; Medium Hdcp- Rod Behler and John Kaschmitter with 20ís; Long Hdcp- Rod Sheets 25; Continentals- Shaun Riener 22, and Lowell Mader 21; Doubles- Rod Behler 46 and Mike Long 45. 

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