Prairie Community Library Recycling Site to Close
Recycling is changing for Prairie Community Library.  The site downtown next to Gem Builders will no longer be there so please stop bringing recyclables effective immediately.
Pacific Steel and Recycling in Lewiston will still accept your recyclables (aluminum cans, bundled newspapers, bundled magazines, flattened cardboard but not chipboard, scrap metal) and credit the Prairie Community Library account when you tell them that you want the Prairie Community Library to receive the money.
The only recyclables you can drop off in Cottonwood are aluminum cans, preferably crushed and double bagged, at the lower driveway of Emmett and Cindy Wilson; and any scrap metal at the home of Buddy and Nona Hood.
Your support has been overwhelming in the past and we hope you continue to support Prairie Community Library in the future.
Any questions please call Prairie Community Library at 962-3714.


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