1st grade classroom has new reading loft
Mrs. Sherry Holthausís first grade classroom has a new reading loft!  Glenn and Loretta Poxleitner contacted the high school shop teacher, Students in their new reading loft.Mr. Jerry Richardson, and offered to donate all of the materials if Mr. Richardsonís class could construct the loft.  Mr. Richardson gave the task to four of his shop students; Justina Zigler, Tyrell Langston, Michael Matson, and Jake Seubert.  The students measured the spot in the classroom where the loft would sit, then built a small model of the loft, and finally they constructed the loft itself. Mrs. Sonesa Lundmark, the high school art teacher also became involved by assigning the task of painting a castle wall on the loft to two of her students,  Joe Trock and Sam Johnson. The students in Mrs. Holthausís classroom are thankful for everyone who was involved in building their new loft. Reading has never been so fun!

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