Wellness Day held
While some students attempted to change the color of their BioDots through relaxation techniques, others tried to toss a ball to a friend while wearing impairment glasses, and still others were drawing “wanted” posters of their friends while learning more about their classmates.Dr. Terry Armstrong, left, engages a group of seniors and host, Cara Duman (in the back) in a discussion about the importance of protecting their brain cells, especially from alcohol. Once brain cells are destroyed, they do not regenerate like other cells in the body.
All of this happened at Prairie High School’s Wellness Day on Wednesday, April 9. Eight presenters in topics ranging from the dangers of meth to planning alternative activities to drinking and drugs filled Prairie High School’s classrooms while students moved from classroom to classroom.
“I think the Brain Guy was my favorite presentation,” said senior Alex Richardson. “He was really laid back, but his information was interesting. He had a conversation with us instead of lecturing at us.”
The “brain guy” was Dr. Terry Armstrong from the University of Idaho whose presentation was on brain development and the effects of alcohol on brain development. “By the time you are six weeks along in your mother’s uterus, you have all the brain cells you will ever get. You cannot afford to jeopardize them by using alcohol or drugs, including caffeine, because they will not regenerate. And you still have some very major life decision to make in the next few years.”
Other presentations included the dangers of methamphetamine by Det. Rich Adamson of the ISP who showed pictures from local drug busts. “Meth is highly addictive and it only takes one time to get hooked,” he said. Meth addicts are not the only ones hurt. Det. Adamson showed students pictures of children and babies who unfortunately were burned in a cook house. “Their parents did not see the danger they put their kids in -- this is what meth does to a community”. 
Gangs in Idaho were presented by NICI’s Cert Commander Ethan Remacle. He explained to the students and staff members the dangers of tattoos and the structure of a gang. Idaho’s gang membership is growing at a rapid rate and all he growth is not in correction facilities. He told the students to be careful of flashing gang signs as a joke; gangs don’t see anything as a joke. 
Prairie Seniors try out some relaxation techniques at the Health and Wellness Day last week. Pictured, left to right, Jennifer VonBargen, Jalisa Wright, Abigail Lustig, Tiffany Schaeffer, Ariel Whitley, Jerry Richardson, John Rice, Kayla Lorentz and Alex Richardson.The presentation on suicide prevention was given by Tricia Gardner, RN of the Department of Health and Welfare and a member of S.P.A.N. She covered the many aspects of mental illness and the stigmas people associate with the illness. She also covered the warning signs and triggers of suicide, plus gave the students tips on what to do if they suspect someone is considering this step. 
Trooper Josh Larson, ISP presented Alcohol awareness. He demonstrated how dysfunctional a person can be under the influence. Stress awareness by Lydia Deiss, PHS Counselor allowed the students to explore many ways to relax and work on de-stressing their lives. 
Alternative activities by Nathan Titus of the Boys and Girls Club in Lewiston were fun, hands on activities. He showed a portion of the movie The Bucket List and then had the students make a list of their own. He also discussed what it means to leave a legacy. 
HIV/AIDS awareness was presented by Drs. Marika Botha and Betsey Van Clief of LCSC. They brought along 3 of their college students to help teach the activities. The hands on activities ranged from listing risky behaviors to ranking qualities of a partner. Dr. Van Clief stated to the students, “Risky behaviors can result in many things from an STD, to a baby or to HIV/AIDS. You are responsible to take care of yourself. You owe it to yourself to be safe and healthy.” 
This was the second Health and Wellness Day organized by Colleen Sonnen, District #242 Safe and Drug Free School Coordinator and the advisor for IDFY. “Days like today are not only educational but fun. The students hear the experts telling them the most up to date information and get the accurate answers to their questions,” Sonnen said.
“Planning a day like today takes months of preparation, but the results are wonderful. I love hearing the kids talking for days after about the information they received.” 
 This year 13 mothers in the community hosted the rooms and traveled with the students along with Prairie Superintendent Gary Blaz.  Parents and staff learned just as much as the students. One parent commented how wonderful each presenter was and that the information was overwhelming; everyone agreed that this should be an annual event. 
 IDFY high school members pledge to remain alcohol and drug free while in the program. They plan a variety of activities such as river rafting, trips to Silverwood, Christmas shopping and moving and games nights. Any high school student is eligible to participate and this year’s membership numbers 55 students. For more information contact Colleen Sonnen. 

Games rescheduled
Several Prairie baseball games that were postponed recently have been rescheduled.
The game against Lewis County postponed due to snow on April 5 has been rescheduled to Thursday, April 24 when the two teams were to play at Cottonwood. They will now have a doubleheader on that date.
Also the Genesee doubleheader that was to have been played April 8 has been rescheduled to Monday, April 21 at Genesee with the first game to start at 4:30 p.m.
A last minute change was made Thursday - the game at Timberline, Thursday, April 17, has been moved to Cottonwood.

All games start at 4 p.m. unless indicated.
  7-at Orofino Tournament vs. St. Maries, lost 1-11
  8-at Orofino Tournament vs. Colton, 9 a.m.; wet fields, didn't play
11-at Kamiah, no game, Kamiah doesn't have a team this year
13-vs. Potlatch at Lewiston (2 games), 4:30 p.m. Cancelled due to rain and insufficient players available
17-at C.V. (Non-league) won 10-0
20-at Culdesac, won 19-3
1-at C.V., won 11-2, 
3-Kamiah, here - cancelled, Kamiah has no team this year
15-Culdesac, here, moved to Culdesac due to snow, won 25-15, details next week.
17-Timberline, HERE, 4:30 p.m.
18-at Kendrick
19-McCall, here, cancelled
21-at Genesee (2 games) - postponed from April 8
22-Timberline, here (there?)
24-Lewis County, here (2-includes postponed game)
25-Kendrick, here
28-at Troy
29-C.V. here
3-First round of District Tournament at Kendrick and Genesee
9-10-District continues at Kendrick
16-17-State at Kendrick

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