Home Health switches to Lifeline
The home health program administered by St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals is currently exchanging Health Watch units for Lifeline units.  According to Shawn Severson, RN, SMH-CVHC Home Health Director, Lifeline purchased the Health Watch service and is replacing the units with upgraded equipment.
“There will be no interruption of service as our staff visit each of the homes using the medical alert system,” said Severson.  “We’re happy to provide this service not only for some of our patients, but for others in the community that may benefit.”Ginny Acheson, Lifeline Coordinator, is installing new personal call units in the homes of area residents who’ve ordered the service.  It is provided by SMH-CVHC Home Health in conjunction with Lifeline, a medical alert service.
Lifeline is a medical alert system designed primarily for people who live alone.  The personal help button can be worn around the neck or the wrist.  When a person falls or is in need of immediate assistance they can push the button and an alert goes to a central call center which is staffed 24/7.  The trained personal response attendant can summon a neighbor, family member, emergency service or anyone else listed on the supplied form.
The personal help button activates a communicator unit which is attached to the user’s telephone.  The phone automatically dials the center and the respondent talks with the user to determine the need or, if there is no response, automatically summons help.
“The Lifeline service is not only designed for elderly people living alone, it can be helpful to anyone at risk of falling or of needing immediate help, whether it’s a permanent or a temporary situation,” said Ginny Acheson, SMH Lifeline Coordinator.  “Not all our Lifeline users are our home health patients.  We have a lot of units out there for people in the community who need it.  Our home health program coordinates the program because we know there’s a need.”
Another available unit can also be programmed to remind people when to take their medications or provide other prompts.  The cost of the service depends on the type of unit and other factors.
For more information on the Lifeline service call their toll free number, 1-800-LIFELINE or visit their website, www.lifelinesystems.com.  Lifeline is owned by Philips, a nationwide manufacturer of medical equipment.   SMH-CVHC Home Health can also answer questions or set up an appointment to initiate the service, 962-3251.

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