New Learning tool for diabetics
Becky Ewing, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator, will be offering a free workshop for people with diabetes on Thursday, May 15th  from 9:00-11:00 a.m.  The participatory exercise will focus on a new method of training diabetic patients in self management of their chronic condition.Becky Ewing, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator, will facilitate a May 15th free educational session on diabetes using a new conversation map.  Interested participants must enroll by calling St Mary’s Hospital, 962-3251.  Enrollment is limited to the first 6-7 callers.  Additional sessions will be scheduled, if necessary.
“I am very excited about the new conversation maps first developed in Canada and now being used throughout the United States,” said Ewing.  “The interactive process between facilitators and group members provides a stimulating and fun learning environment.”
The Conversation Map or series of images and metaphors is portrayed on a 3 by 5 foot tabletop display which serves as a facilitation tool for healthcare professionals to engage groups of patients in conversations around a healthcare topic such as diabetes.
Ewing will use the facilitator's guide to help navigate through the Conversation Map with 6 or 7 patients in the group.  The interactive activities will identify facts and myths around diabetes and uncover information on key topics related to the health condition.
 The Healthyi model has been endorsed by the American Diabetes Association.  “It’s designed not only for people who are newly diagnosed, but also for people who have been living with their condition for a number of years,” said Ewing.
To register for the May 15th class please call St. Mary’s Hospital reception desk, 962-3251.  The first six or seven people will be registered.  Additional sessions will be scheduled with the remaining interested persons.  
For additional information about the new educational model visit .  

SMHC to offer lab draws in Grangeville
St. Mary’s Hospital is offering blood draws through their Grangeville Physical Therapy clinic for the convenience of their Grangeville area patients.  Pam Johnson, who recently completed phlebotomy training, can draw blood and collect urine samples for patients needing lab work.  The samples will then be sent to the SMH Lab in Cottonwood for processing.
“Many of our patients live in and around Grangeville.  Having this service available locally will save people a drive,” said Kevin Daly, SMHC Lab Manager.  “We can do the ordered lab work not only for our health care providers, but for other providers, as well.  We’ll send the results to the ordering physician for the patient’s medical record.”
According to Daly, many health care providers request blood screens before or after a patient’s outpatient clinic appointment or they may request regular screens for patients with chronic conditions.  Inpatients must often have follow up lab work once they are released.  Some patients on particular medications, such as blood thinners, must have their blood checked regularly, said Daly.  
“It will be a particularly nice service for those patients who must have a fasting blood draw.  They can schedule a time early in the morning and have the draw completed before they normally eat breakfast,” said Daly.  “We’re offering this service as a convenience for area patients.”
Lab draws will be available during regular PT hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Appointments for a blood draw or urine sample collection can be made by calling Grangeville Physical Therapy, 983-2241.  The clinic is located at 617 West North Street.

Smoking cessation sessions continue
According to Faunda Butler, Respiratory Therapist, St. Mary’s Hospital, another free smoking cessation class will be offered on four Wednesday evenings beginning May 7th.  Her curriculum uses the American Cancer Society’s Freshstart program.  The first class session will be held Wednesday, May 7, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the Cottonwood Medical Clinic reception area.  The hour long sessions will be held each Wednesday in May on the 7th , 14th, 21st and 28th. 
“We had a number of people attend during our first two rounds of sessions.  Spring is a good time to stop because there are so many outdoor activities and we all want to be healthy as we spend more time outside.  Anyone interested in quitting and staying quit should plan on attending all four sessions,” said Butler. “The next sessions will not be scheduled until the fall.”
The Freshstart program recognizes that smoking cessation is a two part process.  One is stopping and, two, is staying stopped.  According to the ACS, Freshstart addresses both processes through the use of new techniques for ending the physical and psychological need to smoke.  Topics covered include quitting cold turkey, use of the nicotine patch, fighting urges to smoke, addressing physical symptoms of withdrawal, weight control and stress management during the process.  ACS provides a kit with materials for use in the classes and at home.
To register for the class call SMHC, 962-3251 ext 1403 and leave your name and phone number.  Registration is recommended, but not required.

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