County ordinances on county website
After 3 yrs of planning, preparation, negotiating, scanning, copying, organizing, uploading and editing, the Idaho County ordinances are now on the Idaho County website:
This project was developed by the 4-H ‘Youth in Government’ class of 2006 with Instructor Marilyn Giddings and Students—Calla Hagle—CVHS, Adeline Lustig—PHS, and Dylan Rinker—SRHS. 
The 'YIG' students did a great job on the ordinances.  County commissioner Jim Rehder is working with Susie Heckman to perpetuate the YIG through 4-H; she is amenable and very interested in this program to introduce youth to local government.  Public school curriculum does not emphasize local government, as a matter of fact, they have little time to get to it in a school year.  We need a bottom up (city/county) approach of teaching government curriculum rather than top down approach (federal).  
The official ordinance documents are maintained in the Clerk/Recorder/Auditor’s office but have been uploaded to the county website so that they are more accessible.
Not only are the ordinances now on the website, but also the commission agendas each Friday afternoon for Monday meetings and commission minutes (full version) posted after approved.  This whole process is to provide open, transparent, and informative government.  The agendas and minutes are maintained in a historical format for residents to review when interested. The website also has info on airport, county fair, weeds, voting, paying taxes, voter registration, and a whole lot more that would save county constituents time and money if they knew it was there. 
This is a significant achievement for our county and our residents. Joe Walker, IT Tech, stayed with the project and got it done.


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