Support asked for Override Levy
The Cottonwood School District is once again asking for support for our upcoming school levy. Over the years we have truly appreciated the publicís support. For it is only through your dedication to education that we can offer what we believe is an excellent education to our youth. Our students, staff, and programs are ranked very high in our states standards and we would like to continue this standard of excellence.
The $208,000.00 levy will do just that. This is a $1.63 per $1000.00 which is less than last yearís $1.75 per $1000.00 on valuation. It will provide us with the needed monies to continue the valuable programs that we have in place. I believe that our district, especially trustee members, have been good stewards of the patronsí dollars and this levy indicates the same. Although there is a $10,000.00 increase from last yearís levy, one has to consider some of the economic concerns that affect the general public and the schools. Inside of a school budget there are variables that the district has no control over, such as fuel for buses. We are reimbursed at 85%, meaning the added amount of fuel prices alone will be greater than the increase we are asking for regarding last yearís levy amount. 
This levy we are proposing, is not unrealistic with what is happening throughout our state and country. We have been determining goals and objectives for the schools with the budget in mind. Our philosophy is compared to a bullís eye on a dart board. The most important programs are around the center, and then we work outward from there until the budget is exhausted. 
For the most part we are extremely proud of our school system and the product we provide. In order to continue our impact on our students we need your support. Being new to the community I have found an abundance of current and past support. The community should be extremely proud of their schools. I have also observed that the patrons of this district know the importance of a good education.
Please vote yes on May 20th. 
Very sincerely, 
Gary Blaz, Cottonwood Superintendent

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522



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