Notes from City Hall
On Friday, May 16th from 2pm to 5 pm, The City Council will be hosting an Open House at the new Public Works building on South 2nd street and at the Fire station to allow the public to inspect the new or remodeled facilities there.
In the Spring of 2007, the City sold the old green railroad building on 2nd south street and excavated and prepared the site for 2 new buildings to house the Municipal Public Works Department.  One building is a maintenance shop with warm storage for equipment that canít be allowed to freeze such as the sweeper and snow plowing and sanding equipment.  The other building is basically a machine shed for storage of other equipment such as mowers, highway stripers and sanding gravel.  A yard was established for outside storage of gravel, dirt, cold mix and pipe.  The site work is still under development as the weather improves and time is available.   
The entire facility was built by the City crews, volunteer labor from NICI, a host of donated items, materials,  equipment and labor.  Some of the items such as the concrete foundations and floors, metal roof and siding and plumbing were contracted out and the electrical work was donated.  The City DID have to buy a building permit, have the foundations engineered and use only Public Works Licensed contractors.
As the new buildings were completed, the Public Works crews moved out of their former shop behind the Fire Station.  The Fire Department crews then remodeled the interior of the former shop and added a new door on the Broadway street side of the station for emergency vehicles to enter and exit without using the Post Office parking lot.  The upper portion of this building houses the three Cottonwood Rural Fire District trucks as well as equipment and storage shared by the City and Rural departments.  A new rental agreement was negotiated between the City and the Rural Fire District Commissioners (which hadnít been updated since 1962) to cover the added expense of housing 3 trucks instead of one.
These projects were paid for using existing  reserve accounts of the various departments of the City.  No outside money was used and the reserve accounts will be replenished over the course of the next 10 years.
The City Council is very proud of these new facilities and the way they were constructed and financed.  Please stop by both of these facilities for a tour and have your questions answered and your curiosity satisfied.  After all, they are YOUR facilities.

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