Haley Angus wins nationwide poster contest
Congratulations are in order for 8th grade student Haley Angus of Prairie Middle School in Cottonwood, who won one of the top prizes in a major nationwide poster contest.Haley's prize winning poster.
Negative Population Growth, America's leading organization working to halt and reverse our country's skyrocketing population, selected the original poster created by Haley for a First Place prize of $3,500.
Based on the guidelines of the competition, the award will be split 50/50 with the student who created the poster and the school she represents. Art teacher Ms. Lundmark registered for the competition, guided the students who participated in the contest, and submitted Haley's original artwork as one of the school's best posters.
The theme of the poster contest was "Too Many People" which Haley depicted in a scene that featured an image of the planet earth entirely covered by buildings, conveying the danger of overbuilding our precious land. Her selection as a top prize winner was based on creative talent, originality and the ability to best reflect how overpopulation contributes to such critical problems as urban sprawl, loss of farmland, limited water supplies, energy shortages, air pollution and the destruction of wildlife habitat.
In announcing the national winners, NPG President Don Mann stated: "Today's young people are going to have to confront the disastrous social, economic and environmental consequences of permitting America's population to spin totally out of control. It is critical that we get them focused on how to solve this massive problem before it is too late."
NPG, which has tens of thousands of members across the U.S., awarded a total of$19,500 in prizes to students who competed in three groups: 5th-7th grade, 8th-10th grade, and 11th-12th grade. Award-winning posters will gain widespread circulation and recognition as they are used in NPG promotional and educational materials. Winning posters can be viewed at NPG's website, www.npg.org.
Haley Angus

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