Rendezvous at the fair grounds
Fourth Grade students for Grangeville Elem., St. Peters and Paul, Nezperce, and Prairie attended a rendezvous at the Fair Grounds Wed. May 28th.  
Ten presenters donated their time to enlighten students about how things were done in earlier times.   Students saw a mountain man and learned how they lived and what they ate.  He showed us some traps they used to catch animals.   A logger showed us some old time logging tools.  Students used a cross cut saw to cut off a slice of log.  
Students had the opportunity to use an Atlatl, a device to throw a spear greater distances.   Panning for gold was great.  After the rock and sand were washed away students discovered nuggets of gold (new B.B.s) in the bottom of the pan.  Old time Fiddlers entertained us at one station.  
Touring the Farm Museum and listening to the Lionís Club members tell about the history of the old machinery was great.   
Thanks to all who helped make this a fantastic experience for all who could attend.
Showing students how to start a fire without matches.
Urban Wassmuth's class is shown many items mountain men used to survive.
Students are shown how they used to roll logs and keep them under control.
Panning for gold.

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