Physical Therapist to join ACL forum
Bob Bashaw, PT, from Proformance Physical Therapy in Pullman will join Dr. Edwin Tingstad, Orthopedist, in a Health Matters forum on Thursday, June 26, on ACL Tears or knee injuries.  The forum is sponsored by St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics and will be held at Prairie Middle School at 7:00 p.m.  Bob Bashaw, PT.The public is invited.
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries typically occur when a person changes direction quickly while running or when an athlete lands the wrong way.  Female athletes are two to eight times more likely to experience this type of an injury than their male counterparts. Over 30,000 high school and college females injure a knee each year in the United States.  Athletes involved in agility sports such as basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, snowboarding, skiing, tennis and other fast paced activities are likely candidates for such injuries.
Bashaw will demonstrate exercises that strengthen the involved muscles and ligaments of the knee.  Studies have shown that neuromuscular training programs for females reduce the risk of serious knee injuries by as much as 72% compared to untrained females.  Additionally, these programs can help improve sports performance.  Several women’s collegiate sports programs have reduced ACL tears through a training program that teaches athletes how to minimize the stress they place on their ACL.
“I develop sports performance and injury prevention programs for athletes of all ages,” said Bashaw who is the head athletic trainer for Pullman High School.  He is also certified as a strength and conditioning specialist.  He has worked for the Denver Bronco’s Football Club and the Colorado Foxes professional soccer team.  He received his Bachelors of Science of Physical Therapy at Eastern Washington University in 1989.  Bashaw is a Board Certified Sports Specialist in Physical Therapy and is a Certified Athletic Trainer.  
According to Mike Davis, Athletic Director, Pullman High School, Bob Bashaw ….(has) been an incredible resource to the Pullman High athletic program. Our student athletes have received courteous professional care. Their safety and timely recovery from injury along with proactive input pertaining to conditioning and injury prevention has benefited both coaches and athletes.
If instability of the knee continues after leg strength and knee motion has returned following an ACL injury surgical reconstruction may be necessary.  Dr. Tingstad will talk about knee anatomy, why females are more prone to ACL tears, how the problem is diagnosed and what to do immediately following an injury.
“I invited Dr. Tingstad and Bob to present at the forum because the incidence of ACL tears can be reduced if athletes are aware of what causes them and engage in appropriate exercise programs to reduce their likelihood,” said Dr. Teel Bruner, SMHC physician and forum coordinator.  “A proper exercise program can reduce the need for surgery and lots of rehab time.  No athlete wants to compromise their physical well being.  We’d like to see the coaches educated and the athletes trained to prevent injuries.”
The public forum is designed for athletes of all ages, athletic directors, coaches, parents and anyone wanting to learn more about knee injuries and how to prevent them.  
No preregistration is necessary for the public forum which will be held in the cafeteria of Prairie Middle School, 1916 East Street, Cottonwood beginning at 7:00 p.m. 

SMH to host fun event this Saturday
St. Mary’s Hospital is hosting a hot dogs, helicopters and hospital event this Saturday, June 14th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m..  Also on board will be a helicopter outfitted for rescues from remote areas in our region.  The hospital is partnering with the Back Country Medics to educate local residents about these components of the regional emergency system.  The public is invited.Back Country Medics and their helicopter.
“We wanted to plan a fun family event designed for fun and to inform area families and newcomers about some of the locally available resources,” said Jim May, SMHC Development Director.  “Seeing the inside of the helicopter and how it is outfitted is really interesting.  Although we all hope we’ll never need these services it’s nice to know they are available.”
Members of the SMHC Foundation board and hospital staff will give informal tours of the hospital and members of the Back Country Medics team will answer questions about the helicopter and describe some of the rescues they’ve performed.  
“I hope people will drop by for lunch and a chat. Our hospital likes to be a good neighbor and we’d love it if people would join us as neighbors and friends,” said May.
The helicopter will be displayed on the SMHC heliport pad on the hospital’s campus, 701 Lewiston Street, Cottonwood.

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