Prairie Horizons and 2 Degrees Northwest are sponsoring a full day workshop from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on Tuesday August 8 at the St. Gertrude's Monastery Spirit Center.  The workshop is taught by Jill Linzee of Northwest Heritage Resources, and is free to participants.  There will also be a free lunch provided.  They have room for 20-30 participants.
If you are interested in attending, please contact Cody Gehring to reserve a space. His contact info is: 208-983-5699(preferred contact); home phone is 208-962-3868 or email:  You may also contact Elizabeth Carney if you have other questions. For directions to the Spirit Center, see their website:  (there is a link to directions at the bottom of that webpage)
Folklore / Oral History Workshop
The full day workshop will be providing instruction on how to preserve and promote your area’s history and culture by conduct folklore research, which includes conducting oral history interviews.  Guidelines will be taught on how to ask the right questions, how to conduct interviews, using the right equipment, etc.  Jill will also discuss bigger picture issues when launching a folklore or oral history project, such as what to do with the interviews, and how to keep them surfaced and presentable to the community.
American folklore is the traditional, expressive, shared culture of various groups in the United States: familial, ethnic, occupational, religious, and regional. Expressive culture includes a wide range of creative and symbolic forms, such as custom, belief, technical skill, language, drama, ritual, architecture, music, play, dance, drama, ritual, pageantry, and handicraft. Generally these expressions are learned orally, by imitation, or in performance, and are maintained or perpetuated without formal instruction or institutional direction.”
Open to all the Horizons communities and anyone who would be interested in becoming involved in conducting oral history or folklore research or projects within their communities. 
On another front, please note, Angie’s Crafts and Supplies is gearing up for the holidays.  Angie has many new molds available for Christmas surprises and gifts. .  This is the time to come in and get your custom orders in as well as beginning to work on your own projects.
A couple of events are happening in late July and August.  Prairie Horizons will be sponsoring “Movies on the Wall.”  You ask, “What is “Movies on the Wall?”  It is an outdoor cinema that is popular in many places.  The movie will be projected onto the wall of the Community Center Building.  This is the 2008 version of the “old time” outdoor theaters where you hooked your speaker to the window, sat in the car, ate popcorn and other snacks, and enjoyed a family movie together.  Now you bring your lawn chair and/or blankets to sit on, concessions will be available, sit back, and enjoy a night out at the movies.  Dates, times, and names movies will be announced soon. 
Another new event will be happening during the Idaho County Fair Days.  On August 23, Prairie Horizons and Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring the 1st Annual Dutch Oven Cook-Off.  This is a fun event for all you Dutch Oven Chefs.  Prizes will be awarded to the Best Dish and a Taster’s Choice in each category:  main dish, Side dish, Bread & Dessert.  For more information contact Barb Michels (208) 962-3408 or email her at 
All proceeds from both these new events will benefit the Cottonwood Community Hall Renovation Project.

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