82 Donate Blood
Every year millions of Americans give one or more pints of blood to benefit people they’ve never met.  Tuesday, July 22nd 82 of your local neighbors joined that “silent group who just do it.”
Many thanks to all the faithful donors who make this blood drive so successful. According the Red Cross coordinator the Cottonwood Blood Drive is one of the biggest in the area.  
4 gallon pins were awarded to June Behler, Dave Forsmann and Mike Nau; a 3 gallon pin was given to Ralph Sprute; 2 gallons pins were awarded to Denise Uhlenkott, Bertie Forsmann, and Donn Clark.  Those awarded 1 gallon pins were Bonnie Gehring and Karen Coburn.  
A special thanks to the first time donors; Kara Guyer, Amber Frei, Susan Guyer, Joe Lustig, Darla Anglen Whitley, Kevin Karel, Ellen Friel, Kristi Poxleitner and Carly Behler.
Thanks to all who kept their appointments and to all who were unable to make appointments but came anyway.  We understand why some of you were unable to keep your appointments but rest assured you will be contacted for the next blood drive which is scheduled for October 28th.
A very special thanks to our volunteers who helped to make this blood drive successful; JD Lauer, Joseph Poxlietner, Marlene Jungert, Elaine Schumacher, Sally Nuxoll, Eleanore Hinkelman, Helen Huntley, Carol Lauer, Audrey Uhlenkott, Sally Rehder, Anna Gehring, Vera Holthaus, Dan Karel, Kevin Karel and of course Irma Tacke and Sally Terhaar.  Without these volunteers this blood drive would not be possible. 

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