World Heart Day - Know your risks
In observance of World Heart Day; September 28, St. Mary’s Hospital Cardiac Rehab staff would like to remind the people of our community to be aware of the risk factors of heart disease.St. Mary’s Hospital Cardiac Rehab staff; Mary Watson Karla Enneking, Kim Coppernoll (back row) and Shelli Lothspeich (front row)
Some risk factors you can control and some you cannot.  Coronary artery disease causes roughly 1.2 million heart attacks each year, and more than forty percent of those suffering from a heart attack will die.  Even more worrisome; 335,000 people with heart attacks will die in an emergency room or before ever reaching the hospital.
Uncontrollable Risk Factors Include:
Older age
Family history of heart disease
Female post-menopausal
Race (African-Americans, American Indians, and Mexican Americans are more likely to have heart disease than Caucasians.)
Controllable Risk Factors Include:
Smoking, if you smoke STOP
High LDL, or bad cholesterol and low HDL, or good cholesterol
Uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure)
Physical inactivity
Uncontrolled diabetes
Uncontrolled stress and anger
Making changes in your lifestyle is a proven method for reducing your risk of developing heart disease.  While there is no guarantee that a heart-healthy lifestyle will keep heart disease away, these changes will improve your health in other ways.
If you have questions regarding your cardiac risk factors please call 962-3251 EXT 2233.

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