Ski Skoop
Yes it is true; the Ski Skoop is back for another season and hoping for some good snow news to report.  When snow stuck on Cottonwood Butte the day after the election there was a sparkle in the eyes of the local boarders and skiers, but alas we are still snowless.  However this will give the CBSA board an opportunity to fill the work schedules, so if you are looking for a little extra work contact Bobbi at 962-7232 and sign up to be a lift operator.  Snow permitting the Butte will be open and need operators Friday nights in January and Saturday and Sundays 9:30-4:00.  There is also an opportunity to trade working in the kitchen for ski passes. If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer, ski passes are the way to go, please contact Loretta Riener.  A one day lift ticket is 15.00 dollars, a 5 day punch is 65.00 dollars and a 10 day punch is 120.00 dollars. 

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