Arnoti visits 4th graders
The fourth graders at Prairie Elementary enjoyed a visit from a well known resident of the Cottonwood community.Ladd Arnoti receives a Christmas gift from 4th graders after telling them about Hungarian Christmas traditions.
 Mr. Ladd Arnoti shared stories about Christmas traditions in Hungary. He mentioned that The Christmas tree is the undisputed focal-point of the entire Christmas period, in the community and in the family. Christmas without the green fir tree is simply inconceivable. It is the symbol of Christmas for all Hungarians, who have their Christmas tree up on December the 24th (not a day before!). 
 Trees are also found in churches and public squares. They are used in shops as decoration, and in offices to please staff and visitors. The giant trees that stand in public squares are especially grown for this purpose. Decorating the tree in earlier times, were decorated only by the adults after the children were put to bed. The use of candles was commonly used. Today everyone wants a well-decorated tree in their home. 
 Traditions have changed over time and I guess itís a little bit different for everyone. But I think people likely just need a bit of love, and a bit of faith and a bit of happiness. Merry Christmas.


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