Prairie Middle School students participate in FIRST LEGO League Competition
9 students boarded a bus at 4:30 a.m. on December 6 and headed to Rathdrum, Idaho for FIRST LEGO League competition.  
FIRST LEGO League is an enrichment program designed for students in grade 5-8.  Students research real-world issues presented in the Challenge and present a solution.  Students also design, build, and program an autonomous robot.
Every year, FLL works with experts in the field to create a Challenge that relates to a significant real-world issue. The end result is a two-part Challenge that requires research to complete. This year’s project consisted of two parts:
Part 1
· Research how climate affects their own community. Identify the problem caused by climate in the area, analyze climate data about the problem, and discover what the community is doing about it.
· Create an innovative solution based on the information gathered. See if others, on a local or even global level, could use the innovation to solve this climate related problem or improve on an existing solution.
· Share the research and solution
Part II
The Game consists of several mini-tasks, or Missions, for the autonomous robot. Students choose what missions they want to complete and program that information into the robot.  Students participate in three rounds of competition scoring points during each round.
The students are also judged on presentations about teamwork, and robot design.
Prairie Middle School sent three teams to the competition.  41 northern teams participated in this event.  The top winner from the north and top winner from the south will compete in Boise in January.
Students who participated in the program:  Matthew Jungert, Drew Cochran, Tyler Hankerson,  Tiffany Stinson, Tyson Hartnett, Chris Bradley, Rachel Falzon, Shayla Sears, and coach Mr. Martin.  Andy Gehring and Clark Bruno also participated but were unable to attend Saturday’s Event.
Matthew Jungert, Drew Cochran, and Chris Bradley talking to the judges about how they programmed their robot for the missions
Drew Cochran, Chris Bradley, and Matthew Jungert programming their robot getting ready for competition
Tyson Hartnett and Tyler Hankerson working on their presentation
Shayla Sears, Rachel Falzon and Tiffany Stinson presenting their information on climate.



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