Ewing renews diabetes certification
Becky Ewing, RN, CDE, received an invitation from Johnson and Johnson to attend their Diabetes Institute this January.  The goal of the institute is to train professionals on the latest practice standards, the safe and effective use of diabetes technologies, reimbursement solutions and delivery care models.Becky Ewing
According to their website, the two day institute in Silicon Valley, California is a new initiative to transform diabetes care from management to mastery. A key goal of the Institute is to train health professionals with state-of-the-art tools, information and resources so they can help to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes in their communities.
“In August I attended a national diabetes conference in Washington DC.  I met two representatives from Johnson and Johnson and they sent me an invitation to participate in the institute at no cost.  The daughter of one of the founders of Johnson and Johnson had diabetes so they have always had a special interest in research to develop the best products,” said Ewing.  “I am really looking forward to attending not only because of the excellent speakers they will have, but because I also like to visit with other diabetes educators and share ideas.”
The institute’s curriculum emphasizes ways to use innovative practice models and existing diabetes tools and technologies—in real time—to solve patient problems.  Training takes place in modern learning environments and entails several days of course work. Courses address country guidelines and standards of care, in-person product training, insulin pump therapy, communicating with patients and families, use of new tools and technologies, blood glucose pattern management and software solutions, and reimbursement for diabetes care
The institute is led by Kenneth P. Moritsugu, MD, former Acting U.S. Surgeon General and international public health expert. Dr. Moritsugu has Type 1 diabetes.  The institute is designed to address issues associated with both Type I and Type II diabetes.
Ewing conducts regular educational sessions for the public on diabetes related issues in Cottonwood and Kamiah.  She also counsels patients in individual sessions and is the facilitator for a monthly diabetes educational support group in Kamiah.  They meet the third Wednesday of every month from 1:00-3:00 at the Kamiah Bible Church, 10th and Main.

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