Prairie Middle School receives donation of books
Thanks to John and Mary Funke, Prairie Middle School received two class sets of books.Shown from left are Renee’ Eckert, Sherry Holthaus and Mary and John Funke. The Funkes have donated books to Prairie Middle School.
Based on a true story, "Doing My Part" is a perfect accompaniment to World War II history lessons; a story that will bring an era alive for young readers. From working a summer time job to help support her family, to growing vegetables in order to bring more food to the table, the narrative of this slender novel transports the reader years into the past—to a time of heroism, sacrifice and commitment to family and country." 
The second book "The No-No Boys" is based on a true story in the winter of 1943... Fourteen-year-old Tai Shimoda's family has lost everything. Like many other Japanese-Americans at the start of World War II, Tai's family has been forced to leave their home and move to Tule Lake Relocation Center—a desolate camp surrounded by barbed wire in northern California. Though he misses his home in Sacramento, Tai keeps busy at Tule Lake hanging out with friends and training for the judo tournament. But as tensions in camp rise, Tai's brother, Ben, joins a group that has refused to swear allegiance to the United States. They call themselves the No-Nos. Tai's father calls them Disloyals. Soon Tai must decide what he believes. Will he join his beloved brother and the No-Nos or, like his father, remain true to America?
The books will be used in Renee' Eckert’s and Sherry Holthaus's classrooms.  The materials will complement the sixth grade social studies curriculum.  
If anyone is interested in having these books in other school, the foundation takes a $25 donation to help place kits in other waiting schools in Idaho.  If interested please email
The author of the books is Teresa R. Funke, daughter-in-law of John and Mary Funke.

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