Lerandeau named Mother of the Year
Marilyn Lerandeau was named Mother of the Year at the Prairie League Mother's Tea this past weekend. Below is her daughter Emily's winning essay:
Mom,Marilyn and Emily Lerandeau.
Thank you. I can never say those two words to you enough. They seem inadequate for everything you have done for me. Two small words that represent something so big. You have sacrificed so much for me and not once complained about it. Never once have you stopped me from being myself or prevented me from growing into an independent woman. You have given me 17 years of memories and lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 
Thank you, Mom, for never giving up on me. No matter what kind of trouble I found myself in, you were always there. Through all the groundings, curfews, and “talking to” ’s I never doubted how much you cared. You cared enough to be angry and when it was all said and done, you cared enough to forgive. I know you will never give up on me, and that knowledge is what helps me better myself and stay out of trouble. Thank you for always being on my side.
Thank you for nourishing my inner child. When I wanted to dye eggs and have the Easter Bunny hide them, you joined in the fun. When Christmas rolled around, I found a Strawberry Shortcake lip gloss in my stocking, because you knew how much I loved her. When I find myself shaking the presents under the tree, you smile and shake your head. Thank you for never forcing me to act my age.
Thank you for listening through the confusion, the tears, and the anger. You were never shaken by anything I had to throw at you. As I grew older, you became my best friend. You listened to me with a friendly ear, and spoke to me with a motherly voice. I strongly believe there is no better combination. When a boyfriend hurt me, a friend betrayed me, or I disappointed myself, you were always there, calm and encouraging. You gave me the honest advice others couldn’t. If I wanted to talk your ear off, you listened. If I wanted to cry on your shoulder, you held me. If I simply wanted to think, you sat with me. Thank you for helping me through the worst of times.
Thank you for treating me like an adult. You refused to hide things from me and keep me out of the loop. You never felt anything was “beyond” me. You treated me like an equal and I appreciate that. You forced me to deal with adult issues that will benefit me in the future.  Thank you for helping me grow up.
Thank you for being strong. Your strength has always amazed me. Nobody can get in your way. You are rock hard, but aren’t afraid to show your soft side. You have taught me to stand my ground and fight for everything I believe in. You have never let anybody tell you that you can’t, and I will take this with me everywhere I go. It is because of you that I will have the strength to be myself and never take no for an answer. Thank you for teaching me to stand back up if I do find myself knocked down. 
Mom, you are a beautiful woman who deserves the whole world! I wish I could give it to you the way you gave it to me, but I can’t. I can, however, give you my thanks and my love. I will love you forever, and I know this will be good enough for you. I have acquired knowledge from you that no amount of education could give me. I hope to someday give my daughter the same amazing life that you gave me.
With endless love, your daughter.

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