Teacher appreciation week
This week has been designated as a time to acknowledge those who work in education from the pre-school to the high school level.  On behalf of the Prairie Booster Club, we would like to thank those who work on a daily basis with our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends.  
For the bus drivers who get the children safely to and from school and other activities, thank you.
For the cooks who provide warm, nutritional food for the children’s tummies, thank you
For the paraprofessionals who do crosswalk and recess duty, manage the libraries, and provide one to one or small group assistance, thank you.
For the secretaries who always greet the children with a smile and complete “behind the scene” responsibilities to keep each building running smoothly, thank you.
For the maintenance crew who provide a safe school environment and who keep the buses rolling, thank you.
For the custodians who provide a clean, healthy school environment, thank you.
For the coaches who teach the children team work, to win with pride and lose with dignity, thank you.
For the counselors and extra curricular advisors who provide guidance, thank you.
For the nurse who checks the children’s hearing and vision, thank you.
For the after school program for providing the children with a safe place until parents are home and many other enjoyable activities, thank you.
For the professionals who provide “related services” for the children with disabilities, thank you.
For the teachers, who engage, motivate, and challenge the children to learn, thank you.
For the administration, school board members, business manager and program directors that take care of the “behind the scene” responsibilities, thank you.
We in now way feel that we can begin to list all that is done for each child on a daily basis.  Being a rural school, some staff members wear many hats and take on a variety of responsibilities.  It is obvious that it is more than just a job.  We are fortunate to have one of the most caring and giving educational staffs in the state of Idaho.  Thank You!
The Prairie Booster Club Officers

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