Rural Health Works steering committee set up in Idaho County
Don’t be surprised if you are invited to serve on the Rural Health Works Steering Committee.
“We have identified 70 business and county leaders who we think will bring significant insight to the process,” said Joe Cladouhos, Syringa Hospital & Clinics CEO.
Idaho County Commissioners have received an $18,000 grant from the National Association of Counties (NACo) with funds being provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Idaho County is one of only three counties selected nationally to participate in an on-site technical assistance program called “Rural Health Works.”  
“Rural Health Works” is a process that assists the county to evaluate its health care systems and to generate data and documentation on the importance of the health care sector to the county’s local economy. Idaho County will receive intensive and expert technical assistance on the “Rural Health Works” process to assist in keeping health care dollars and services in our rural county.    
The intensive technical assistance is a 4-5 month process which involves many stakeholders in our county through membership in a steering committee.  County officials will provide leadership for the county by working closely with all health care providers, in particular Syringa and St. Mary’s hospitals.  Steering committee members will commit to attending 4, one-hour long meetings beginning in June.
 “Idaho County residents have great health care options to choose from today. We don’t want to take our health care sector for granted, and we expect this grant will provide hard data to support efforts to plan health care expansion for the next few decades,” said Idaho County Commissioner Jim Rehder.
Maintaining health services in our county is of utmost concern to all of us.  Initial figures indicate that more than 10% of Idaho County’s employed residents work in a health related field.  This is the third largest “industry” in the county.  
So, if you get your invitation in the mail, consider the importance of the county’s health engagement process.  A resource team with members from the Oklahoma Center for Rural Health, Office of Rural Health, Oklahoma State University Osteopathic College and the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Oklahoma State University will facilitate the process.
By participating in the “Rural Health Works’ program, Idaho County will receive, among many other economic benefits, a directory of health services within the county, a report of the economic impact of the health care industry, a review of secondary data and information, and the results of a health assessment survey that will ask area residents what health care services they are utilizing and what health services they feel are needed in Idaho County.
The first steering committee meeting will be held Wednesday, June 17th, Noon – 1:00 pm at the Soltman Center in Grangeville. Lunch will be provided.  For more information, or to become a part of the county health planning process, please contact Darla Anglen-Whitley at (208) 507-0812 or
You are invited.  

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