Workshop on Myspace, cyber safety issues set
There will be a workshop June 23 at 7 p.m. at Prairie Middle School on MySpace and cyber safety issues.
For more information contact Colleen Sonnen SDFS Coordinator.
Parents, grandparents, kids and teachers, bus drivers and community members are invited to learn about:
Cyberbullying; Texting; Sexting; Myspace; Blogs; Twitter etc.; On line predators; Cyber safety; Parent awareness; Sites,emails, photos; How to get in and look at stuff that your child has posted. 
MySpace issues…..  
How do we track a kid who is using MySpace
How do kids set up accounts when they are underage
Facebook issues…
What is out there for kids to be a part of?
Twitter, Instant Messaging, Blogging, etc.  give us an overview
How do we get an account taken off of MySpace, Facebook, etc.
How do you track someone who is communicating with one of our kids?
What information should we share with parents?
How does one secure their computer so kids can’t get into this?
This workshop is presented by Jared D. Olson, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor  Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association and sponsored by Safe and Drug Free Schools.

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