Notes from City Hall
The City of Cottonwood is blessed with a plentiful supply of cool, clean drinking water that contains no harmful chemicals or naturally occurring elements such as iron.  In fact, it requires no treatment whatsoever as it is pumped from deep in the ground.  It does, however, contain microscopic particles of mother earth herself that accumulate over time inside the water lines.
Usually, once a year, the Fire Department assists the Public Works Dept. by flushing these water lines through the fire hydrants in town to ensure that they do not collect sediment in the valves and that they are functional.  Prior to flushing, a notice is published informing citizens to expect some sediment in their water.  At other times, hydrants may be turned on without prior warning.  This occurs when there is a fire, when the fire department conducts training, or when the city crew uses a hydrant to supply water for public works projects.  
When the city’s water is murky it remains safe but people may not wish to use it for washing laundry, etc. until it clears up.  It is an inconvenience that is beneficial--similar to the garden being muddy after it rains.  The water usually clears in a short time.  It may sometimes be cleared quicker by opening a cold water tap to help flush the lines.  The city regrets any inconvenience and asks for people’s patience when their water occasionally experiences such sediment situations.
Denis B. Duman, Mayor

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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