Uhling interning in New York City
Hanna Uhling, one of last year’s graduates from Orofino High School and a sophomore at the University of Idaho, has a paid summer internship in New York city at mark., a division of Avon.  She is involved in product development of skin care, fragrance and hair product lines.Hanna Uhling is pictured at her desk at mark., a division of Avon, based in New York City.  She has a paid internship this summer.
“For the ten weeks I will be working at mark. I will help relaunch their hair product line in 2011, but I’ll also be involved in a lot of other jobs.” said Uhling.  “mark. products target the younger generation, from age 18 to 24.  It’s a fast growing, trendy brand whose slogan ‘make your mark’ is aimed at females about my age. ”
Uhling is one of 12 young women chosen to serve as summer interns at the company.  She is the youngest and the only one selected who lives in the west.  She registered to become a mark. representative last January and received an email about the internship in February.  After writing a short essay and attaching her resume she was one of only 100 females selected for a phone interview.  She was offered the paid position last March.  Uhling and the other interns are housed in dormitories at Columbia University.
“Ever since visiting New York a few years ago, I knew I would love to live here.  Now, at the age of 19 I am living my dream.  New York is very different from Orofino.  I am learning a lot of life experiences here that are unlike those in a small town.  Most importantly, I’m learning about myself and what I can accomplish on my own.”
Uhling has declared a double major in both marketing and clothing, textile and design.  She is a mark. representative and registered to sell mark. products, including a line of items that buyers can customize to suit their own style.  “Anyone who is interested can visit my store at www.huhling.mymarkstore.com .  The merchandise allows you to be yourself and to ‘make your mark’ in the world.  It’s great fun to be in New York doing what I love.  I think the products I’m working with allow young women grow with confidence.”
Uhling is the daughter of Jeff and Koleen Wagner-Uhling and Casey and Michael Meza.  She was born in Cottonwood and attended school there until sixth grade before moving to Orofino.

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