Monastery celebrates centennial
From August 2008 until August 2009, the sisters of the Monastery of St. Gertrude are celebrating 100 years “at home” in Idaho. During the year and as a monthly feature, the Historical Museum at St. Gertrude will be contributing a feature article entitled “100 Years Ago This Month” for the Cottonwood Chronicle.  We hope you enjoy this historical venture.  We welcome your comments.
100 Years Ago This Month, July, 1909
(Compiled by Sister Bernice Wessels, O.S.B.)
Local News
(The following news items are from the Camas Prairie Chronicle, F.S. Wimer, Editor and Proprietor)
The big rainstorm on Monday was certainly a dandy.  While it spoiled our Fourth of July celebration to a considerable extent, it put a stop to the hot wind and warm weather.  It also practically insured one of the heaviest crops, Camas Prairie has ever produced.
The fencing crew of the prairie line of the railroad is now on this side of Vollmer and soon will be across the canyon with the work.  They are fencing the right of way on both sides of the track and putting in cattle guards at all crossings.  Farmers will be glad to see them here as they have had to head stock out of the fields all spring and summer.  They have been running risks of having the stock killed by the trains.
From all points where the reservation lands are being drawn come reports of all manner of hold-ups and picking of pockets.  There have even been reports of some people snatching money as it is being paid out at the registry offices.
On Sunday afternoon members of the Knights of Columbus with their family and friends drove to St. Michael’s Monastery.  There they presented Father Berthold with an elegant leather covered rocker.  Father was deeply moved by the gift.  He recently transferred back to the Monastery as superior.  Father Odilo has taken his place in Cottonwood.
Next week most threshing outfits will be in operation on the prairie until after the grain is harvested and hauled to the warehouses. The grain crop now being harvested is without doubt the largest produced here in years
National and International News
16th Amendment approved (power to tax incomes).
German chancellor Bernhard von Bulow resigns
Ty Cobb hits 2 inside-the-park home runs.
John A Heyder becomes president of baseball's National League. 
Gold discovered near Cochrane, Ontario.
Detroit and Washington play an 18-inning scoreless tie on July 16. 
On July 29, Henry M. Leland sells Cadillac to General Motors for 5.5 million dollars. In the automotive industry the Cadillac has something unusual, interchangeable parts. 
A revolution forces Mohammad Ali Shah, Persian Shah of the Qajar dynasty to abdicate in favor of his son Ahmad Shah Qajar. He proceeds in leaving Persia for Imperial Russia, reportedly seeking the assistance of Nicholas II of Russia in regaining the throne.
Work on the anti-aircraft gun commences.
The first powered aeroplane flight in Australia is made.
The International Exhibition of Aviation opens in Frankfurt-am-Main (now known as ILA and regularly held in Berlin). 
Hubert Latham makes the first attempt to cross the English Channel. He flies 11 miles from Calais and lands in the water. 
Louis Blériot claims a £1,000 prize from the British Daily Mail newspaper for being the first pilot to cross the English Channel. He makes the crossing in his Blériot Type XI from # (near does not exist)" Calais) to # (near does not exist)" Dover Castle) in 37 minutes. Blériot also received an additional £3,000 from the French government. 
Orville Wright flies with passenger Lt. Benjamin Foulois at an average 42.58 mph over a measured round-trip course, successfully completing flight tests in the Wright Military Flyer for the U.S. Army at Fort Myer, Virginia. The Army buys the airplane for $30,000.
Don Carlos of Bourbon, pretender to the Spanish throne died at Varez in Lombardy.  He had been ill a long time. 
July birthdays
Mohammed Daoud Khan – Afghan President.
Harriet Nelson – American singer & actress
Jean Focas – Greco-French astronomer
Dorino Serafini – Italian  racing driver
Bimal Roy – Hindu film director
Bill Stern – American sportscaster
Fritz Leonhardt – German civil engineer

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