Possible big cat sightings reported
Cottonwood Police Chief Terry Cochran has been getting reports of some kind of big cat, either a cougar or bobcat, being seen in town.
The last reported sighting as of press time was 2 a.m. Tuesday morning behind City Hall.
He is advising people to keep an eye on their dogs and cats until further notice.
The guess is that this is a young animal looking for food. Chief Cochran has called Fish & Game to see about removing the animal.

From the Police Chief
Hello  Everyone,
After reading last weekís paper regarding the much deserved award presentation for Cassidy Locket for her actions during the recent prison escape of two individuals who attempted to break into her residence I felt that I should clarify a couple things.
First, I think it is very important that the public knows the honor and respect that Sheriff Giddings and Chief Deputy Gorges wanted to display during the presentation of the award.  Chief Deputy Gorges contacted me about the possibility of using the Cottonwood City Council chambers as a location to present the award.  Permission was obtained from Mayor Duman to use this space.  As several folks know, this space isnít used for any other activities other than City business, and the main reason for this is to ensure the honor and respect is maintained.  It was felt that this would be the best location for the presentation.  Yes, it is in the basement of the Cottonwood Community Hall, however, was in the most honorable location we could find.
Second, yes, I did say that community involvement helps a lot, but there is much more than that.  I had asked, and still do ask, that the citizens of this area be involved with their own safety.  I hope and pray that you donít need to be involved to the extent that Cassie was, but that you help your law enforcement with your own safety and protection.  The main way that you can do that is to call when you see something, participate in the prosecution of individuals, sign statements.  Donít simply look away when you see something wrong, be involved, make the call, and help out.  Not just in prison escapes, but in everyday life, if someone is repeatedly speeding past your house, call, sign statements, be involved.  If someone breaks a window, call, participate.  Your involvement makes the difference in our community.
Look at it this way, there are about 1,200 citizens in Cottonwood.  If your child was lost would you want one person, or just a few people looking for them; or would you want 1.200 people helping to find your lost child?
Help make your community better, be involved, donít be a victim.

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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