Hall donations continue to come in
We would like to take this time to thank those people who have been a part of the Cottonwood Community hall for the many years it has been here. Just a couple weeks ago Joan Kopczynski wrote a letter talking about all the nights and days she spent working at the hall, she however didnít mention the many, many hours that her mother spent there as well. 
Over the years Bertha Kopczynski could always be found cooking meals at the hall, or spending hours each year wiping out the cupboards, cleaning the dishes and putting them back. Dan Kaschmitter also spent a lot of time at the hall cleaning, mopping, putting up chairs and tables just to take them back down after the event, he also shoveled a lot of snow over the years keeping the sidewalk free of ice. The other hall custodians who put a lot of time and love into the hall were Mardieze Hattrup, Marguerite Beckman, Dorothy J Seubert, Joan Schultz, Henry Hanacak, Steve Tustanowski-Marsh, and most recently the workers of Tri-Co.
The picture this week in the paper is of the community hall when it was still the fire station in 1957. In 1953 the hall rent was $20.00 for a dance, $15.00 for a dinner or play and the kitchen rented for $5.00 per day or night.
In 1985 the library opened in the old chamber room in the basement and then in 1995 the library moved to its current location on the opposite side of the basement and doubled or more in size. We have more hall history that you can look at if you are interested in the City hall office.
Now with the wonderful donations that we have received we will be able to improve the hall. Eugene McHugh gave $250.00 and so did his wife JoAnn Willenborg McHugh. Gerald & Joann Uhlorn, Louis Schmidt and Joan Kopczynski gave $100.00.  Dr. Andrew & Barb Jones gave $200.00 as did Eleanor Hinkelman.  So you can see we still have donations coming in and we hope that this wonderful support continues all the way through the project. 
We will be putting the project out to bid in a couple weeks, in the hopes that we will be able to start the project in September.

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