Jennifer Cochran is Library volunteer of the month
Jennifer Cochran is our Prairie Community Library volunteer of the month of August.  Jennifer Cochran, August Volunteer of the month at Prairie Community Library.She has been working at the library since 2004 and has been librarian since June of 2007.  Jennifer says she works at the library because she likes to read.  She is a very dedicated  person, and since April of 2007, has been cataloging the book inventory on the computer.  About three-fourths of the books are now recorded in the computer.  What a job!  But she is sticking with it.  She asked that people please be patient until the work is done.
If the library is closed during business hours, it may be because Jennifer is on an  ambulance run, another of the many caps she wears.  So please be understanding.  We will do our best to keep it open and we apologize for the inconvenience.  Please call the library at 962-3714 to renew your books.  
ďI would like to make the library more user friendly for the teens, like having a video game night once a month to encourage them to use the library.  Thatís what itís there for,Ē Jennifer was quoted as saying.
We are hoping that the renovation of the hall will benefit the library by having better access.  During the big storm Wednesday night, July 8th, the library suffered some flood damage.  The library was closed during the cleanup process.  We had to pack up the books that are for sale and move them to storage.  Jennifer and her daughter, Danielle, rearranged the checkout/work area after the cleaning.  Come in and see our new look!
There will be a training class next week Tuesday, August 18, at 12:00 noon for anyone who would like to work at the library.  You will learn how the use the computer to check out books among other jobs.  Anyone interested please show up at the library at that time.

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