Art class gets new ‘old fashioned’ press
This year the students at PHS will be able to create works of art the Olde Fashioned way with a hand powered Printing Press. PHS art teacher Sonesa Lundmark and George Hager with the hand-powered printing press he built and donated.  The press was made in the PHS Engineering and Technology Education class by Mr. George Hager with the considerable help of the Tech Ed students.  Mr. Hager bought the plans and the school supplied the parts.  Mr. Hager did the manufacturing of the press over the last year donating his time and effort.
The press can be used to make Art Prints in the following mediums; Wood Block Prints, Linoleum block prints, copper and other types of intaglio printing.  With the help of Mr. Hager the school was able to acquire this press at one fourth of the cost of retail price, which resulted in savings of almost three thousand dollars, which can be used on other needed supplies.

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