County to conduct health care survey
Your Opinion Counts!
Before you slam down the phone, thinking it is just another annoying phone solicitation, listen to who is calling.
Beginning September 14 a random and anonymous telephone survey conducted by the “Idaho County Commissioners’ Rural Health Committee,” will begin in order to obtain local data to improve health care in Idaho County.  If you should be called, take a few moments and participate.  The survey will take about 15 minutes and all answers are completely confidential – the callers will not even know what number they reach.  This is your opportunity to voice your opinion about your local health care services… your likes and dislikes.  
The survey is part of an on-site technical assistance program called “Rural Health Works”, a process that assists the county to evaluate its health care systems.   Idaho County was one of three counties in the United State selected by the National Association of Counties to participate.  The survey calls will come from Oklahoma, so callers will see a 918 area code or an “out of area message” on their caller ID.  While the national health care debate is a very important issue, it is not related to this survey.  
“In order to provide a full and accurate picture of the state of Idaho County’s health care services, it is vital that the households contacted participate.  Residents will also have the opportunity to give input on services they would like to see added to the county’s health care mix,” stated Joe Cladouhos, SHC Chief Administrator.  
The overall goal of the survey is to obtain input from the residents of Idaho County as to the needs in health care now and for the future.  
“Concern is not only with maintaining the current level of health care services, but with providing high-quality, necessary health care services for the future,” said Jim Rehder, Idaho County Commissioner. “The results of the survey will provide hard data to support efforts to plan health care expansion for the next few decades.”
With that in mind, please answer the phone and offer your opinion of how the health care services in Idaho County can improve and remain available to you.

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