NICI runs escape drill to test new notification system
On September 29th, North Idaho Correctional Institution (NICI) conducted a full scale drill simulating an escape.  During this drill we activated the community notification process, which is different than the automated system (VINE) formally used.  During our last escape, the VINE system did not operate correctly, and we have discontinued its service.  Our new process is to have staff personally notify the community.  There are 142 individuals who have asked to be contacted in case of an escape.  We completed contact with each individual during the test run in approximately 40 minutes.  The process is to start with the community member closest to the facility and expand out.
It should be noted that when an actual escape occurs, staff will not be able to give specifics concerning the escape, just that NICI has suffered one.  Our intent is not to be rude, but time is of the essence, so we must move on to the next phone number.  We believe this process will be much more efficient than the old system.

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