School board meets
The audtior’s report was approved at the October meeting of the school board held Monday, Oct. 19.
The auditor gave a good report with a concern about consistency in student body accounts.
Under public input Pat Enneking had a question on the hiring process for the school maintenance position. Roy Schumacher explained the decision process and superintendent Gary Blaz suggested Enneking meet with him at his convenience.
Also Don Nuxoll donated a bell to the school on behalf of his parents.
The CIPA internet policy was discussed. Rene’ Forsmann explained Websense and the procedure of how they track students when accessing the Internet at school. She assured everyone they are doing their best to monitor students Internet use per the agreement with parents.
In other business Blaz handed out a sheet on current expenditures for the board’s review. Bill Hill indicated it would be nice to have information pertaining to expenditures. Gus Hoene suggested that anything over $5000 be submitted to the board for approval to progress. He then made a motion for administrative policy to state that the board be informed of any facility maintenance expense over $5,000. Hill seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Blaz issued a presentation on future facility use. No action necessary by the board.
A discussion on executive session procedure was tabled until the next meeting so that they can get some state input.
In administrative reports Todd Shumway reported the cafeteria has been opened up with the removal of the east side hallway wall with the main doors moved to the main hallway to create a commons area for students. This added 600+ sq. ft. to the cafeteria area.
Also painting, stage reconstruction and other projects by Arnzen Construction have been finished as they await Big Sky’s completion of the flooring work in the high school gym. Architect Rhonda Wemhoff is monitoring them closely to make sure work is done to specifications.
He also reported that 60 students attended the Drug Free group’s Friday night activity in the Middle School last week. They played 10 on 10 basketball and video games along with singing and dancing and had pizza. Next one is scheduled for Oct. 30.
The Advanced Biology and Chemistry students attended an all day lab workday and class observation at the U of I on Sept. 28. They also went on a field trip to do fall stream study.
HOSA and TSA are hosting work nights to prepare for their respective state events. HOSA is also running a food drive this week in the community for the community food bank.
In academics LCSC reported that they have 37 tech prep students signed up for 70 college credits this semester.
Rene’ Forsmann reported the 6th grade attended the McCall Outdoor Science School Sept. 28-30. Four sixth graders will make a PowerPoint presentation to the county commissioners on Oct. 27 at 11 a.m. The trip is funded by the county commissioners and costs approximately $4,200.
The first attendance assembly was held Oct. 5 with the first bike given away. Attendance has been steady with an average of 6 a day absent. Usually 3 are sick and the other 3 are absent for other reasons.
Knowledge Bowl competed at Highland with 3 teams entered from Prairie Middle School.
Natasha Gimmeson and Abbie Uhlenkott were presented with highway safety calendars by the Idaho Department of Trnsportation. Each has a drawing posted in the calendar.
The Middle School showcase was a success. It was held earlier in the eveing.
Forsmann said they will be attending the Idaho Lottery Scratch for Schools on November 3.
Blaz reported that Paul Sonnen won the first attendance bicycle. Also 5 students were selected for lunch with the principal.
The Elementary staff is working on make the afternoon schedule more efficient.
They bought some shelves so they can clean out the gym storage closets.
They will hold a professional development for certified staff on Friday Oct. 30th.
As superintendent Blaz will be at an Idaho Distance Learning Academy meeting this week in Boise. He will also be meeting with LCSC and the Mountain View (Grangeville) School District on Distance Learning.
He has been working on the high school/monastery heating systems.
He is in the process of meeting with other area superintendents about developing a special ed co-op.
The board adjourned at 10:41 p.m. Much of the meeting length was due to a 1 hour 16 minute executive session.
The next meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m.

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