Recycling update
We don't have the exact tonnage now because Mark is backed up and can't weigh the truck and containers until later.  We will have the  exact numbers later.
Estimated pounds is about 9,600 pounds in Fenn and 4,000  pounds in Kooskia for a total estimated weight of about 13,600 pounds 
The results of those who were surveyed at Fenn were 118 participants at Fenn  (95 Grangeville area, 19 Cottonwood area and 4 other)  Estimated total number is 125 to 130 recyclers altogether.
In Kooskia 51 were surveyed (32 Kooskia area and 19 Kamiah area) and an estimated 60 to 65 participants.
A quote from Mark Armstrong of Lewis Clark Recyclers "It was an overwhelming success from the participants, to the volunteers, to the donations, and to the enthusiasm and cooperation of everyone involved."
I would add.  "Thank you to the Commissioners for their commitment to restarting the recycling program in Idaho County. Many thanks to the Recycling Committee for the dedication, the numerous hours, and personal financial support they gave to make the recycling effort a reality. The area newspapers and radio have been incredible in their efforts to make recycling happen through their many articles and updates. You are a vital part of the process, and I thank you. Mark Armstrong, Lewis Clark Recyclers, Inc., was the glue that put this all together and made it happen.
Most of all, citizens, your enthusiasm, e-mail trees, monetary  contributions, willingness to volunteer, and donations of materials to recycle made Saturday and Sunday phenomenal. 
Recycling is off to an amazing start; however, the success of the program depends on continued growth and your support.   I challenge everyone to start saving recyclables now to see by what % we can increase the numbers. With the information from the surveys we will continue to work on improve the recycling program. Check the Idaho County web site at for updates on days and locations and for information on how and what to recycle.
Thanks to  monetary donations we are close covering our start up expenses: however, in order to continue the program, additional donations and corporate sponsors are needed to support the program. Money can be sent to Idaho County Recycling at 320 West Main, Grangeville, ID 83530.
 Janie Fluharty

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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