Prize winners are named
Prizewinners have been named for the Assumption Parish drawing held Sunday, November 1.
Ashlyn North won the top prize of $200 cash donated by Archieís Cleaners.
Aly Seubert won a ½ hog cut & wrapped and donated by Sonnen Meats.
Jerry Linville won $100 cash donated anonymously.
Jake Wren won $100 cash donated by GTS Schwartz Trucking, Inc.
Kathy Kuther won $100 cash donated by Harman Agency.
Barry Billow won $100 cash donated by Primeland of Cottonwood and Ferdinand.
Mr. & Mrs. James Rehder won $100 cash donated by Tom Wimer Trucking, Inc.
Joann McHugh won an 85x100 quilt donated anonymously.
Mr. & Mrs. James Rehder also won an Afghan donated by Don & Theresa Funke.
Edna Ruhoff won $50 cash donated anonymously.
Dave Faerber also won $50 cash donated anonymously.
Dan Karel won $50 cash donated by Fredís Body Shop-Rod & June Behler.
Cole Gehring won $50 cash donated by Maurus & Karen Uhlorn.
Shannon Hibbard won $25 cash donated by Clearwater Concrete, Inc.
Lisa Forsmann won $25 cash donated by Mick and Judy Forsman and also won $25 cash donated by Seubert Excavators, Inc.
Joe Forsmann won $25 cash donated by Valley Paving & Asphalt, Inc.
Josh Frei won a $25 gift certificate donated by Keuterville Pub & Grub.
Todd Stenzel was a winner of 1 free steak or bite-size dinner at the Halfway Club as was Carl Schmidt.

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