Kuther named to national board
“It was a number of years ago when a farmer was brought into our emergency room with a really serious injury.  Shari Kuther, RN, (far left)  joined other Progressive Agriculture Foundation board of directors at their recent meeting.  She was recently voted to the national board for her activities over the years coordinating local Farm Safety Days.Afterwards I said to Shari (Kuther), ‘I wish there was something we could do to lessen the likelihood that farmers and their families would have these accidents,’” said Dr. Andrew Jones, St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics.  “She stepped to the plate like she always does and started organizing Farm Safety Days.  Her efforts have been recognized and now she’s a national board member.”
Shari Kuther, RN, was recently named to the Progressive Agriculture Foundation board of directors for a three year term.  The foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Birmingham, Alabama whose mission is to make farm and ranch life safer and healthier for farm families.  For the past 15 years they have helped coordinate Progressive Agriculture Safety Days.  Last year they estimate 35 states and seven Canadian provinces sponsored a day of organized activities to educate children and adults about farm safety.  Over 98,000 people and 23,000 volunteers participated.
Kuther was the first Safety Days coordinator in Idaho and was selected as a board member for her efforts in organizing safety days over the past 12 years.  She participated in her first board meeting in Indianapolis last month with the Foundation’s eight other board members.  She is also vice chairman of the Idaho Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership committee and chair of their Health and Safety committee.  She and her husband, Dave, farm in the Nezperce area.  
“Being elected to this board is an honor I didn’t expect,” said Kuther, who is one of three state coordinators serving on the board.   “I really support their efforts to provide safety and health programs that are age appropriate, hands on and fun for rural children and families.  If we can avoid even one accident through our educational events, then the time spent coordinating is well worth it.”
Kuther has served as a nurse at SMHC for over 21 years and volunteered as an EMT for Nezperce Ambulance for 25 years.  

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