Center For Discovery open until midnight Dec. 4
The Center for Discovery would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we are open till midnight on Friday December 4 and everyone is invited.  We will be providing dinner, snacks, arts and crafts, and movies throughout the night. Cost is only $1.50 per hour.   The kids are welcome to shop for their families and friend this night also.
On Saturday, December 5 we will have our annual Shopping Day.  This is open to the entire community from 8 to 12.  We have had a lot of donations from many community members.  Some of the items that we will have for sale are ties, tools, toys, table runners, knickknacks, kitchen supplies, and décor, bath and body works products, flashlights, and Home and Garden Candles.  All items are under $5.00 and gift wrapping is free.  So if you still have some Christmas shopping to do mark your calendar for December 5.  Hope to see you there.


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