Middle School students get taste of Dutch Christmas traditions
Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through the schoolThe students shoes were filled with goodies overnight.
every student was wondering “Who made the rule . . . 
that says that we have to attend all our classes?
Why not let us go home?  Just give everyone passes!”
But then Robin Krol came into each room.
And told us of Sinterklaas Day at his home.
In his school in Holland during this time of year;
each kid puts a shoe by his locker so near.
Then Robin asked all of us to gather around.
“Put shoes by your lockers like kids in my town.”
“Why shoes?”  we all wondered; “What happens then?”
“Just wait ‘til tomorrow” Robin said with a grin.
We did as he asked us though we thought it was weird
We’d have trusted him more if he’d worn a white beard!
Next morning we all got to school in a hurry.
We burst through the doors like a winter-time flurry.
And there in the halls we beheld such a sight!
Someone had been busy the previous night.
Robin Krol and his helpers worked all evening through
to put candy and goodies in everyone’s’ shoe.
And so in Cottonwood this school year
 small part of Holland gave us Christmas cheer.
We’re thankful for Robin and all he has done
To make three weeks before Christmas a little more fun.

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