Prairie ROCKS! welcomes several guests
Prairie ROCKS! welcomed Susan Wassmuth and 5 other community members as our guests last Thursday.  Susan Wassmuth was one of several guests at the last Prairie ROCKS! sessions.Susan talked about the time when one of her young sons was lost in the woods and how he felt Jesus’ presence so near to him while he was lost.  The young boy of 3 years told his mother that Jesus had sat and talked with him while he was lost.  She explained several other coincidences (or is that “Christ-incidences”) that occurred and helped him to be found safe and sound.
After Susan’s visit, the class realized that we should all hold fast to the fact that God is always there for us, no matter what.  There was also a discussion about childlike faith and our need to be open to all God has to offer us.  The students pointed out that as we get older, fear, embarrassment or busyness can get in the way of being totally accepting of spiritual things. 
 At this point we reviewed the fact that each and every one of us is called to a life of holiness.  It was emphasized that prayer is the foundation of our relationship with God and that it takes effort and commitment.  Following the example of the saints can also be helpful.
 One student then offered the thought that we all need to stop and sit quietly, taking time for family and God.  This is an especially wise thought as we celebrate this holy season.  Merry Christmas.

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