Letters to Santa Claus
(The following letters, creatively written and phonetically spelled, are from Cindy Schumacherís 1st graders at Prairie Elementary School) 

Dear Santa,
how Do you make ol of the toys?  kan you tel me how you make the toys?  I rile wont to no how you make the toys.  How do yor elvs fli?  How do you get yor majic?  How do yor raindeer fli?
How do you stay up ol nite?  Culd you pleas bring me a DS game and can you pleas get a video game for my mom's Wii?  Thank you Santa for whatever you get me for Christmas even it it's not whut I asked for.
Love, Justin Lockett

Dear Santa,
How do your rander fli?  Wil you breng me lots of  buckets?  Wil you breng me a rmote truck?  Wut wil you breng me?  Wil you mac it?  Wil
you gif me cars?  Can I haf a dirt bike?  Wil you bring me sum bikes?
Love, Nicky Gortsema

Dear Santa,
Iz Roodof rel?  Duz Roodof's nose gloe?  Do you get los uv snow?  How do you fit all the toys in the bag?  How do yor rainder fly?  Cud you pleas bring me a toy robot?  Do you get to take a vacation after Christmas?
Love, Sheldon Nuxoll

Dear Santa,
How doo u git your reindeer to fly?  How do u git the elfs to do majic?  How do u fli your sled?  How do y git the slae ol around the world?  I want a
DS.  I want a fake truck.  I want markers.  If you can pleas breng me a couple of bucks.  Haf a saf flite around the world.
Love, Harley Keller

Dear Santa,
Santa, how do your radeer fly?  Santa, wut I want four Chrimis is a bumblebee
helmet and blster.  Santa, wut is your favrit kukee?  Santa, I hop you hav a saf flite.  
Love, Cole Martin

Dear Santa,
Santa, I wish you had a very good day on yor sled.  How do yor randeers fly? I know, they fly by yor majic.  I wish I had a DS, Santa.  I wuld like another
transformir.  I hope you git a fun present.
Love, Alex McElroy

Dear Santa,
How duz the randeer fly?  Do they hav magik or do they have magik in them? Wen you grab a toy out of yor bag and when it's empty duz yor bag fill up by
itself?Do yoo have magik?  How doz your sled flii?  Santa, can you breng me a vdeo game called Smash Bruthers 2?  Can you breng me a car and a tank.
Mery Chrismis.
Love, Remington Sprute

Dear Santa,
Das Roodof rele hav a red nos?  Do you git a lot uv snow at the north Pull?  How do your rander fliy? Can you ples breng a ds?  Dear Santa, wil you breng a stuft animl maker that can make a dol?  Can you plez breng
a intendo game?
Love, Halle Klapprich

Dear Santa,
Satna, do you get lots of snow?  Do you have a lot of randeer and how duz your slay fly?  How duz all the snow get there?  Can I have a toy car?  Dear Santa, how duz your rander fly and can I have a toy rander and a toy horse and
a toy Rudolph?
Love, Zach Arnzen

Dear Santa,
How do the elfs git too the howsis?  Do they git ther by mageick or do they git on your sled?  I wish I was  mageick.  Dear Santa, will you git me an Amarackin doll or a DS but poot the DS in my stocking.  It will say Eve on it.  Is Mis. Claus nise to the elfs?  Will you have a good Chrismas?
Love, Eve Uhlenkott

Dear Satna,
Do you get a lot of snow in the somer or do you git a lot in the autumn?  I want a DS and my famly too have the best Crismis.  Do you hav  randeer?  How do you fit yor bag in the slay?  Do you hav a real slay?  Do you hav ril elfs?  Dus Roodof hav a red nose?  Is Roodof real?  Can I have a Hannah Montana postr and 
mackup too and I want sum littlist pet shops to?  Can I have sum baby baby stuft 
Love, Sierra McWilliams

Dear Santa,
What is your faverit kind of cookies?  How do your randeer fly?  How do you get to all the housis?  Is it fun when you are in the sky?  I thenk you are nice.
I was wondoring if you cood get me a DS or DSI or some Boots?
Love, Kyleigh Duclos

Dear Santa,
Do you get a lot of snow at the north Pole?  HOw do you get in our houses if we don't have a chiminy becuse I don't have one?  How do your randear fly?  This Christmas I would like an Amareckin cowgirl Doll and
an Amareckin Indyin girl doll and a Santa hat and a varry speshol sled like last year.  I rele liked it.
Love, Ellie Uhlenkott

Dear Santa,
How do you carry ol those toys?  How dus Roodofs nose glose?  How dus the raendeer fly? Do you no all my cusins?  Do you hav all that maghic that peeple say?  I hope you can breng me a web kinz.
Love, Kelly Stubbers

Dear Santa,
Do you have a lot of  snow? How mene reindeer?  How dos your sled fly?  How can your
bag fit all that toys into the bag?  Is it magek?  Can you plese gif me a Nintendo DS
and a barbee and 2 notebooks and 14 tranformrs and 2 Polly Poket?  I hpe you have a safe flyt.
Love, Sapphire Yorke

Dear Santa,
What randeer do you love?  Do you get a lot of snow at the North Pole?  How do 
randeer fly?  Do you rile ware black boots?  How do elfs worck? Do you always ware the same cote? Dear Santa, I know I sent you a letter but I thot of some other toys so can you tri to get me some other Pet Shops so you can tri to get me a Little Pet shop dog?
Love, Leann Lightfield

Dear Santa,
Do yo hav lots of snow at the north pole? HOw is yor randear?  How do you git into our house when we don't hav a chimny or you have majik?  Do you get everywhere?  Can I hav a glas horse?  If you can make a wotch may I have one?  If you can mack a missle laucher, may I have one?  Can you breng something for my animals?  Can you breng a motecontrl car, if you can mack it? But if
you can't mack it then that's o.k.  Thank you.
Love, Wes Munger

Dear Santa,
Do you git a lot of snoe at the north pole?  What I want for Christmas is a vary speschel presint for Mrs. Schumacher. I hope you can breng ma DS case for my DS and a beanbag and a remotecontrl pickup and
a hat.  Thank you.
Love, Dalton Ross

Dear Santa,
How do you git your toys in your bag?  Wutt's your good cookees?  What do you name your elvefs?  Is Frosty your frend? Who do you think has bin good?  Can I hav a Pokeman game and two Bafoogons and a
Wii game and a sellfone and a slip and slide?
Love, Dean Johnson

Dear Santa,
How dus yore randere  fly? Dus Rudof rile hav a shinee nose?  I relee want to no these things.  If you cud bring me a Briar horse I wud lick it.  I wud olsoe wunt a Polly Poket set.  I olsoe want a toy dinusor. I olsoe lick a stuft anumal.  I hop you hav a safe trip.
Love, Mattie Lustig

Dear Santa,
Du yu git lots uf snow at the north Pol? Does Rudof hav a red nose?  How dus yor slay fli?  I want a Babe Doll for Crismis.  I want a DS for Crismis. How much randeer du yu hav counting with Rudof?  I hope yu 
hav a good safe flite.
Love, Rachael Gimmeson

Dear Santa,
Do you git a lot uv snow?  I hope you have a good Christmas?  I whont a DS for
Christmas and a We and a  gitar.  How do your randeer fly?  Wuts your favrite cookees?
I want a makeup st and a shelf and a x-box 360 and some cds.  Wuts your favrite thing?
Do you lick hot coco?  Wut I want for Christmas is joolry.  Wuts your favrite thing in the hole wide world?  Wut I want for Christmas is a tree and some ornaments too.
Thank you for evrything you can bring.
LOve, Kylie Nuxoll

Dear Santa,
How do you get int he Chimney?  What kind of coocees do you like? How do you
get in my house if we don't hav a chimney?  Dear Santa, what time do you come out?
What do you do when you're bag goes out?  How do your elfs make toys in that short time?
Do elfs have sharp ears?    Dear Santa, I hope you can get me an xbox 360 and Halo and
Halo 2 and 3 and pokeymon platform and Arkeyyos and a little care.  Hav a safe trip back
too the north pole.
Love, Matt Coppernoll

Dear Satna,
Do you have a lot uv snow when you drive you're slay?  How do your ranedeer fly? I hope you can bring me a Wii with Moryo's Karts and Battlefrunt 123 and a play Stashen 2. How do you're
randeer fly?  HOw dus you"re slay fly?  How come Rudof has a red nose?  What is you're favret cookey?  Is it choclet chip sugar peanut butter?
Love, Kade Shumway

Dear Santa,
What are your faveret cockies?  Dose Roudof like carrots?  Do you have a lot of snow? What is your faverut movie?  How do you fly?  Are there prity snowflakes?  For Christmas I want a toy turtle, a little pet shop, a doll, make up, a note book, a pitcher of Roudof.
I hope you have a safe fly!  And say hi to Roudof!
Love, Madison Shears

The following letters to Santa were submitted by Mrs. Rehderís Kindergartners at Summit Academy.

Dear Santa,
How many toys does your bag have? I would like a drum. And I would like a set of school stuff.  Have a safe trip to Greencreek.
Dani Sonnen

Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer doing?  Please bring be a toy frog wind up.  See you on Christmas.
Jade Prigge

Dear Santa,
 How big is your sled?  Please bring me a mechanical bull.  What kind of cookies do you like?
Lane Schumacher

Dear Santa, 
Is Rudolph real?  I would like a Polly Pocket set.  Have a safe trip.
Erin Wassmuth

Dear Santa,
How are you?  I would like a hot wheels color booster.  Have a good trip!
Wade Goeckner

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