Grant helps to purchase crib
A newborn crib was recently purchased at St. Mary’s Hospital through the generosity of the Berklund Foundation based in Greenacres, Washington.  Their $2,000 grant underwrote the new oak and brass infant crib in the hospital nursery.   Taylor Prado, daughter of Casey and Josh Prado, born on January 10 at St. Mary’s Hospital is one of the first to use the new infant crib purchased with a Berklund Foundation grant.
Last year another grant from the Berklund Foundation helped purchase an infant warmer that includes an electronic weight scale, resuscitation equipment and a monitor for the infant’s heart rate, pulse and changes in thermal demands.  Any changes in the baby’s temperature alert the staff immediately.
David Berklund, a trustee of the Foundation, and other family members were born at St. Mary’s Hospital.  Their generosity have also allowed SMHC to purchase a radiology viewing station, exam room tables and cryotherapy equipment.
“The Berklund family have really been supportive of St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics throughout the years.  Although they no longer live in the area, they remember the care they received from us and continue to care about the community,” said Pam McBride, SMHC grant writer.  “It’s heart warming to complete that circle of care.”

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