Barb Rehder is Prairie ROCKS! guest
All are welcome to attend the High School Prairie ROCKS class this Thursday, March 4, at 8:20 or 9:20 when Barb Rehder visits our class.  Barb will read parts of her great grandmotherís biography concerning her move to the United States from Russia.  Barb is always such fun, the morning is sure to be a delight!
Last Friday Kevin Poole, mayor of Lewiston, and his wife, Grace Wheeler-Poole joined our class.  They are a presenting couple for Engaged Encounter.  They talked to the students about marriage as a sacrament and the importance of keeping God at the center of marriage. They explained through using biblical references that the marriage relationship is to mirror the love of Christ to his Church.  They stressed the need for married persons to make every decision, based on love of God and the good of your spouse and children.  This helped the students to understand the concept of keeping their individuality while being a couple. 
As a side note to the discussion on marriage, Kevin encouraged the students to continue with furthering their religious education throughout life.  As we grow and mature physically and emotionally, we must work at also growing spiritually.

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