McDonough visits Prairie ROCKS!
Last week the Prairie ROCKS class had the pleasure of a visit from Nick McDonough on both Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, Nick talked to the students about growing up in a family with a Dutch mother and an Irish father, joining the Coast Guard, going to college, then volunteering with Marriage Encounter.  He told about the impact that presidential candidate John F. Kennedy had on his life when he heard him speak at Gonzaga University.  
During that talk, JFK mentioned a new program called the Peace Corps that he planned to start.  On that day in 1960, Nick and his wife, Carol Sue, decided that one day they would join the Peace Corps.  They held this desire deep in their hearts, until 33 years later, with their family raised, it was finally time to fulfill this lifelong dream and they headed to Africa.  Nickís is a story of hardship, adventure and deep admiration for the African people.
Through Nickís wonderfully told life story, the students are able to see a great example of commitment.  First, commitment to living and spreading the faith during all phases of life, from when he was a small boy and along with his family welcomed strangers into their home, to organizing a bible study while on a ship in the middle of the ocean when he was only 18 years old, to working with pastors and bishops to get marriage encounter established in the different diocese where he lived throughout his young married life.  And most of all, his commitment to raising his family and then joining the Peace Corps.  His entire life emphasizes the responsibility all Catholic laity share to spread the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior to those very close to us as well as those who are far away.
There will be no speaker at Prairie ROCKS speaker March 26, April 1 or April 9.  Have a blessed Easter.

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